Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silver Lining

Over the past few months I've been telling myself everything happens for a reason. I've been trying to look for the positive elements in everything that happens.

The decision to move back in with my parents was good,as my parents own a microwave. Thus, it is possible to have an endless supply of lovely hot chocolate within 2 minutes, rather than faffing around with pans on the hob. (Although, I do have to admit it's slightly less satisfying!)

Earlier this week a job interview was postponed until next week because of the weather. This is actually really good as I have an extra week to prepare!

This morning I discovered my application to volunteer at Our Chalet next summer has only just been signed and posted off to Switzerland from GGUK headquarters in London. Despite the fact I posted it off two weeks ago, via next day delivery, and informed the individual I sent it to by email it was on it's way. My application then sat for 11 days in GGUK reception! The deadline for applications to reach Switzerland was yesterday. My dream of spending next summer hiking and enjoying the beautiful Swiss Alps has seemingly been shattered. I can only hope the manager of Our Chalet takes pity on my pleading email asking if they can still accept my signed application when it arrives! 

I failed to see anything positive in this whole mess, so I treated myself to some Baby Alpaca and a skein of beautiful hand dyed merino yarn from Ring-a-Rosie.

It's the silver lining to my disappointing day!

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  1. oh, hopefully they'll still take your application! Urgh, bureaucracy is such a pain. gorgeous yarns, by the way! I'm positive I picked up a few skeins of the baby alpaca in the exact same colour way when I was in the UK earlier in the year. :)