Saturday, January 15, 2011


The first two weeks of January have gone like a flash. Somewhere in the aftermath of the festive period and amongst the stress of job and University applications, I managed to lose all interest in knitting and creating. Now things have started to slow down again, my creativity is returning. 

I have grand plans for this year: I would like to make myself a dress. I've been told I should knit a pair of socks. Most of all, I would like to get over my fear of seaming handknits.

Seaming is something I've never really mastered, I always thought my seams were bulky and not very pretty to look at. Because of this, I've always prefered to knit in the round. This needs to change! 

I have a lovely collection of knitting books. I own four Kim Hargreaves books. Four! And out of these books I've made one garment. One! It was a chunky cropped cardigan about three or four years ago. I've never worn it.

Kim's books contain so many beautiful patterns, but these are beautiful patterns that require seaming. I've plumped up the courage and cast on for Skylark from the most recent book, Cherished. It's going well so far. Fingers crossed the seaming will go well too!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    I love Skylark but I don't want to buy the Lima yarn and I've been wondering what to substitute...

  2. Thank you! I quite like the Lima, but I couldn't justify spending £6 a ball! I'm using some sublime organic merino dk, which I've had for a while. It's single ply, quite splitty and it's going to pill like crazy but it's super soft.