Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I could win awards for my ability to procrastinate. I think it must be innate. I couldn't stop the urge to knit today, so every half an hour I had to take a break from reading and knit a couple of rows. It's nice to have a reward every now and then, and in turn my Skylark cardy is coming along quite nicely!

So whilst today has been quite productive, I'm still yet to plan tomorrow's revision. Instead I'm looking through the photos I've take in recent weeks.

This cake plonked on my dusty bedside table was delicious. I didn't follow the recipe to the letter just added and substituted what I found in the kitchen. The icing was lovely but the recipe made vast quantities. A little dollop was all I needed. 

I've been going on lots of coastal walks recently as the weather has been pretty good. The photo above is of Tynemouth Pier lighthouse. I love the colour of the North Sea this time of year, it's lovely to walk along and hear the rumbly splashes of the waves.

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